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‚ÄčAsian Lady Beetles

Asian Lady Beetles: These beetles are typical in shape and structure, being domed and having a smooth transition from the wing covers (elytra), upper surface of the thorax (pronotum) and head. They measure at about 1/3" long and occur in three main color forms: red or orange with black spots, black with two red spots, and black with four red spots. This species was introduced to the United States in 1916 to control the aphid population and has flourished ever since. These beetles become dormant in the cooler months and begin to move around when temperatures reach 50 degrees F. They will often dormant in cervices, behind siding, and inside walls. It is not uncommon to find these bugs inside the house during winter months if openings and heat transfer are present. These large populations can become problematic with swarms and gatherings near the home. They tend to form groups in upper corners of windows and are attacked to screening materials for there warmth. These beetles have good eye sight and will come back to where they were removed. These beetles are known to produce a small bite and will "reflex bleed" (releasing "hemolymph" from their legs; a liquid with a foul odor that of dead leaves) when agitated. Some people have had allergic reactions to these beetles.

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