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Mouse Removal

The most common form of mice is the house mice which can grow to be about 17 cm (less than 6.5 in) long including the tail. Mice can range in colors from yellowish-gray with streaks of black and lighter grey mixed in. Mice are larger and can grow to be between 20-50cm and vary in color from grey, black, white, and brown. Female mice/rats are frequent breeders and can have five to ten pups in a litter every 10 to 17 weeks. They can cause major health issues by spreading various diseases and increasing the risk of respiratory problems - the most common being asthma attacks. They also can cause extensive damage to property by their constant chewing. This chewing also creates a fire hazards from chewed wires. Our team is trained specialist in how to rid your house of mice and rats. We use all techniques including sanitation, nest and hiding space removal, and traps/rodenticides to help remove all mice and rats from the home. Our staff will provide personal and individual service to meet the needs of the rodent removal.

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