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Beaver & Muskrat Removal

The muskrat is a large, stout, semi-aquatic rodent. Its head is broad and blunt with short ears barely visible beyond the fur. The muskrat's coat is practically waterproof and is soft, dense, and grayish brown in color. The underfur is covered by long, brown guard hairs which serve to protect the soft underhair from wear. Its tail is scaled, nearly hairless, and somewhat flattened on the sides. The muskrat is further adapted for its semi-aquatic life with lips that act as valves, closing behind the front incisors so it can actually gnaw underwater. They weigh 2-4 pounds and grown to a length of 18-25 inches long and have a tail approximately 8-11 inches long.

Muskrats generally inhabit places near or in water such as lakes, ponds and slow moving streams. They primarily eat aquatic plants including cattails, arrowheads, and duckweeds and occasionally eat crayfish, snails, mussels, frogs, insects, and slow-moving fish.

Muskrats have a high reproductive rate. They are polygamous and breeding takes place from late March through July. After a gestation period of 28 to 30 days produce up to four litters per year each with six to seven young.

Muskrats are highly territorial and can be very aggressive. They can also destroy aquatic vegetation.

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