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Oct 10, 2014 | | Buffalo Grove , IL
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Mike, I wanted to express our satisfaction with your work removing a mother raccoonn and her five babies from our attic. We originally heard noises in our home and did not know what it was. Once we heard audible sounds we knew something was in our house. We did some research and discovered that it was probably a mother raccoon that was creating a nesting area for her young. Unfortunately, raccoons may be cute in the wild or in a zoo, but are very nasty critters in a suburban home. We learned they destroy insulation, create a terrible mess and make lots of noise at night. We called Wildlife Services and you set up an appointment the next day for an inspection. Once raccoons were discovered you set up a plan to trap the mother and babies so we could clean up their mess. Not only did you trap and remove the raccoons, but learned how they entered our home, through a roof attic fan. After you removed the raccoons your recommendation to cover our external attic fan with a stainless steel roof ventguard gave us peace of mind that no more raccoons would enter our home. We had our attic cleaned and restored, plus fixed all the raccoon damage. We highly recommend your service and fair price to remove the unwanted raccoons from our home. Thanks again and we would highly recommend your service to any homeowner with unwanted wildlife in their homes.

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