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1. Are pesticides/insecticides safe for my family/pets?

Before any of these chemicals are released for use they are all evaluated and approved by the EPA along with other agencies. Millions of dollars are spent researching and testing these chemicals to make sure they are safe. The health effects of pesticides depend on the type of pesticide and a major consideration in approving pesticides for use if whether they pose an unreasonable risk to humans. Our professional applicators take great care when treating your home to make certain that your safety, your family’s safety and your pet’s safety is our top concern, while at the same time, making certain your pest concern is effectively eliminated. (More information on the pesticides used to treat your home can be requested from your technician.)

2. What can I do to help keep my house safe from pests?

There are many reasons pest invade a house but the most common are harborage and food. Keeping a clean household is probably the best defense for a pest-free home. There are many other aspects that make a house more vulnerable to invasion and our team will point out these factors during the primary inspection.

3. What can I expect from a visit for your services?

Every initial visit from IWS Pest Control will include a complete pest management program specifically designed for your home. This program will integrate preventive and corrective measures to keep pests from causing damage/harm; while still minimizing risk to your family and pets and staying cost effective. Each program includes a five step process; Inspection, Identification, Recommendations, Treatment/Implementation of pest management, and Evaluation (corrective measures if necessary).

4. What will your service cost?

Each situation is different and with the wide variety of services we offer and species we treat each program is site specific.

5. What pests can you get rid of?

While we deal with a wide range of pests common to the Midwest we specialize in mice, bees/wasps/hornets, asian lady bugs, and boxelders.

6. How long does a treatment last?

A treatment’s resiliency depends on many variables including; the pesticide its self, the pests being treated, weather conditions, and other factors. IWS Pest Control guarantees our treatments for 90 days.

7. Why should I hire a professional versus treating my house myself?

Our technicians have been trained and certified by both the IDPH and the IDA. We have the education and specially tools to handle your pest control problem more effectively and safely.

8. Why should I continue my program if I am no longer seeing activity?

Our programs are not only designed to get rid of your initial pest problem but to ensure you don’t have a future invasion. Our quarterly treatments help maintain a protective barrier around your home; keeping new pests from invading.

9. Why should I choose IWS Pest Control?

We at IWS Pest Control are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection against pests from your family and your home. With over ten years of complete pest management service we will continue to offer the highest level of service to our loyal customers for years to come.

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