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Mice Removal for McHenry County-Area Homes & Businesses

A part of the rodent family, mice can cause extensive property damages and fire hazards thanks to their constant chewing of furniture, electrical wiring, and more. Mice also cause major health issues by spreading various diseases and increasing the risk for respiratory problems among humans – the most common one being asthma attacks. Our team of trained specialists at Illinois Wildlife Services, Inc. provides mice removal services for McHenry, Lake, and Northern Cook County homes and businesses of all sizes. Using various techniques, including sanitation, nest and hiding space removal, and traps/rodenticides, our rodent removal services are second-to-none.

small mouse in the middle of the grass

Understanding Your Pest: What to Know About Mice

House mice are the most common form of mice, and they can grow to be about 6½ inches long, including their tail. House mice can range in colors from yellowish-gray to include streaks of black and lighter gray mixed in. Field mice are typically larger than house mice, growing up to 20 inches in length, and may vary in color from gray and black to white and brown. Mice are frequent breeders and can have 5-10 pups in a litter every 10-17 weeks. Always on the lookout for food and shelter to feed their growing families, mice are also fierce scavengers. If there’s a way to get into your home or business, you can rest assured they’ll find it. Capable of flattening their bodies, mice can fit inside openings as small as a dime!

Rid Your Home or Business of All Mice and Rats Today

You can count on Illinois Wildlife Services, Inc. to rid your home or business of all mice and rats thanks to our proven techniques for rodent removal and prevention of future infestations. Our staff specializes in providing personalized services to meet your needs for mice removal in McHenry, Lake, and Northern Cook County. Please contact us today to request more info about our techniques or to request an estimate!

Having an Issue with a Pest?

Our Team Has the Experience to Get the Job Done Right!