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Skunk Removal and Control for McHenry County, IL

Characterized by the white stripe centered down their black coat, skunks are ground animals that can be found living under your home or business’ stoop, porch, deck, or any other area that provides them with a damp, dark environment. In addition to their powerful spray, skunks have been known to tear up lawns. Skunks also carry diseases like rabies and are required to be euthanized upon trapping (enforced by the U.S. Department of Natural Resources). When you need reliable skunk removal and control services in McHenry, Lake, or Northern Cook County, Illinois Wildlife Services, Inc. has your back.

skunk in the forest

Understanding Your Pest: What to Know About Skunks

Skunks are nocturnal animals, meaning they become active shortly after sunset until shortly before sunrise and spend their days sleeping. Their breeding season is February into March, with the birthing season typically beginning approximately two months later with litters up having up to nine young. Special glands below a skunk’s tail hold a powerful spray that can be shot up to 15 feet, capable of penetrating the foundation of a home making the entire home smell. This distinctive smell can last for weeks, making clothing, furniture, and carpeting smell as well.

Nearly Two Decades of Knowledge and Expertise to Serve You

Fully licensed and certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA), Illinois Wildlife Services, Inc. offers skunk removal and control for residential and commercial properties across McHenry, Lake, and Northern Cook County. For almost two decades, home and business owners have relied on our knowledge and expertise to remove unwanted wildlife and prevent it from coming back. If you’ve discovered a family of skunks living under your porch, please feel free to contact us today to request additional information or an estimate for our skunk removal and control services!

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